Born 1984 in Tartu, Estonia
Based in Oslo, Norway


2010-2012 Master program, Art in the public realm, Konstfack, Stockholm
2007- 2010 Bachelor, Bergen Art Academy, Norway
2009 Exchange to Tallinn Art Academy, Estonia


Performance, Gallery Augusta, Helsinki, Finland
Left hand, hesitates performance at Oslo Kulturnatt, Norway
The Detention Room PAB OPEN, Bergen, Norway
Drive In Sound Art, Råde, Norway

Public performance at Kulturnatt Oslo
One Night Only with Ellakajsa Nordström, Oslo
Karaoke Nights, Group exhibition at Demon's mouth, Oslo
The ritual of coming back performance and screening at Month of Performance Art Berlin, Germany
I used to play the saxophone public performance in Drammen, Norway
One is a visitor or visited one goes or stays one conquers or is conquered at Cigarrvägen 13, Stockholm, Sweden
One divides into two, two doesn’t merge into one screening at Cinemateket, Oslo, Norway
One divides into two, two doesn’t merge into one screening at Goethe-Institut Wyoming, New York

One divides into two, two doesn’t merge into one performance with Ellakajsa Nordström at Ptarmigan Tallinn, Estonia
Life is a crime performance with AtwoB at Sommer i Nord, Sæby, Denmark
Subway Stories II screened at Oslo Open, UKS, Oslo Norway

The streets are empty shown at TV/DINNER group exhibition , Hemmliga Trädgården, Stockholm
What was it I thought I heard (II). Blommor, Hökarängen Centrum.
Scene 1 screened at You can’t save yourself by saving the world… Ludwigsburg, Germany
Subway Stories, Part 1 and 2. Centrifug, Konsthall C, Stockholm, Sweden
What was it I thought I heard (I). Platform, Stockholm, Sweden
Subway Stories, Part 1 and 2. Konstfack Degree Exhibition, MFA. Stockholm, Sweden
Mattorna Berättar.
Group exhibition, Hej Gävle at Gävle Konstcentrum, Sweden
Oh oh oh to be in love. Performance at Konstfack, Stockholm, Sweden

How to show the real thing? Solo show at The Student Gallery, Konstfack, Stockholm, Sweden
Second letter Group exhibition in an apartment in Stockholm, Sweden
Interview with Phil Collins, video showed at Marabouparken Konsthall, Stockholm, Sweden

Jeg vil ikke være forskjellig, men allikevel jeg blander meg ikke inn Bachelor degree show, Bergen Art Academy Bergen Kjøtt, Bergen Norway
Koondatute Kunsti Keskus Tallinn Kunsthall, ”Blue Collar Blues”, Tallinn Estonia

Videointallation at Tôuseb, ei Tôuse. Group Exhibition, Tallinna Tervishoiu Muuseum Tallinn, Estonia

Wall Instructions Live video installation at Bergen Kunsthall, Landmark, Bergen Norway
Har du 12 barn? Video screening at Moving video festival, Stockholm, Sweden
The corridor Mixed media installation, collaboration with Lisa Renvall ,Prøverommet, Bergen, Norway
2012 Group exhibition, Bergen Norway
Farsmål Prøverommet, Teatergarasjen, Bergen, Norway

Floor piece performance at Visningsrommet Usf, Bergen, Norway


Residency at Nida Art Colony together with Sara WoLfert, Lithuania

Residency at Nida Art Colony together with Sara Wolfert, Lithuania

Residency at Ptarmigian, Tallinn, Estonia
Residency at MoKs, Mooste, Estonia

Member of PAO, UKS and NBK